A word about our printed products.

We are very particular about how we present ourselves to others.

As the saying goes – You never have a second chance to make a good first impression!

And so we choose paper stock to best convey our message, in the best possible light. These are the papers that I list below.

However, if you have special needs, that in turn require a particular paper, please contact us – we use the same supplier as the majority of printers in Calgary, and so our options are considerable.

Print Specifications

We have the ability to print up to legal sized paper, 2-sided, in white and colours.

Print technology: In-line colour (Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black) laser
Print quality: up to 600 dpi
Maximum paper size: 216 x 356 mm
Media weight: 60 to 220 g/m2


Paper Options

Text Stock

Cover Stock



Text weight paper

Bold® Brand, by Xerox

28#, 105 gsm 3R11760 Bright: 100

  • 28# (105 gsm)
  • Brightness: 100
  • Opacity: 94
  • Smoothness: 60
  • Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®), BV-COC-953662;

This is a premium paper – the one that we use for our workbooks. It’s a very high quality, nicely calendared sheet that prints very well and looks great.


Sterling Premium Digital , by NewPage

  • Gloss text
  • 80# (116 gsm)
  • Brightness: 94
  • Gloss: 74
  • Opacity: 94.5
  • Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®), BV-COC-953662;
  • 10% post-consumer fiber

We use this sheet for posters, and brochures. The gloss finish looks great when printed.


Premium Multipurpose Brand, by Xerox

24#, 90 gsm 3R11373 Bright: 96

  • 24# (90 gsm)
  • Brightness: 96

This is a very good, general-purpose paper, with good whiteness.


Office Ultra White Brand, by hp

20#, 72 gsm 112101 Bright: 92

  • 24# (90 gsm)
  • Brightness: 96

    This is a lower grade paper – light in weight. We use it mostly for making notepads, notebooks, and the like where a quality sheet is of little importance.


    Cover weight paper

    Futura Brand, by Verso Papers

    • Dull cover
    • 80# (216 gsm)
    • Brightness: 96
    • Gloss: 32
    • Opacity: 98.5
    • Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®), BV-COC-953662;

    We use this sheet for our business cards, and for posters that we want to have more substance than a text sheet.

    Sterling Premium Digital, by NewPage

    • Gloss cover
    • 100# (271 gsm)
    • Brightness: 94
    • Gloss: 74
    • Opacity: 99
    • Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®), BV-COC-953662;
    • 10% post-consumer fiber

    This is the stock we use for our workbook covers, and the covers for most of the books that we print.


    Colour Options

    These are the colours we use ourselves. If you have a specific colour or paper option, it is likely that we can supply it for you, as we source our paper from the same distributor as the majority of printers.

    Hammermill® Brand, by International Papers

    • Smooth, even surface with a high opacity for minimal show-through
    • 20# (75 gsm)
    • FSC certified
    • 30% post-consumer fiber
    • Available in 11 colours, plus white. (Colour swatches are approximate. Please ask for a sample sheet.)


    NCR (carbonless)

    2-part NCR paper® , by Appvion, formerly Appleton

    • 21# (77 gsm)
    • white-canary


    3-part NCR paper® , by Appvion, formerly Appleton

    • 21# (79 gsm)
    • white-canary-pink