About our Studio:

We use a lot of videos on our website – everything from short 1 minute intros, to full training programs with 12 hours of video. The reason we invested so heavily in the studio is that we have received quotes of $500 to $800 per 2 minute video. A friend of ours, also a gifted healer, paid $3000 for her video, and it was not what she wanted so she could never use it. Still cost $3k though. For us, having the ability to record our own videos made sense.

Once word got out that we had a studio, we started receiving requests from a number of healers who need to get their message out as well, but on a limited budget. We understand that – after all, that’s why the studio exists for us, and we don’t want to see other healers held back from getting their message out because of the cost – so we offer our services at a very reasonable price.

And so, when the studio is idle, and time is available, we are willing to make it available as a service to the healing community for recording their message. While we try to be timely in the production and editing of your videos, we cannot guarantee time frames. If you have a specific time frame that you must meet, then we are not the best choice for recording your video.


We are not, nor do we pretend to be a professional studio. We produce good quality video, with good quality sound that will look good on your website. But, if you need a “professional quality” video, we are not for you.

Studio Set-up

This is the layout of our studio. Click on the image to enlarge. It is well equipped for most recording.

We are in the minority of studios in that we offer a teleprompter. We use it extensively ourselves – we often record long training programs, and it is very useful at keeping us on track. The use of the teleprompter is included in the studio fee – we do not charge extra for it’s use.

Studio Equipment List:

  1. Key – Fiilex P360 w/ softbox
  2. Side – Fiilex P360 w/ softbox
  3. Back – Fiilex P360
  4. Background – Ledgo LG900S
  5. Background – Ledgo LG900S
  6. Fill – Ledgo LG900S
  7. Canon Vixia HF G30
  8. Ikan Teleprompter – 15”
  9. Rode NTG 3 Shotgun Mic.
  10. Canon Vixia HF G30 (2nd angle)
  11. iMac 27”

Available Software


  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Camtasia


  • Avid ProTools
  • Audacity


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Photoshop