About Mountain Rose Music:

Mountain Rose Music was created by Sharon Carne in 2004 when she began recording and producing her own CDs. And because of the challenges in publishing a CD, Mountain Rose Music filled that need as well.

As Sharon’s knowledge and reputation in Sound Healing grew, she began to receive many requests for speaking for all kinds of groups.

Education about sound healing evolved to become an important branch of Mountain Rose Music. The education branch was named Sound Wellness and grew at a phenomenal rate. So much so that a new website called, soundwellness.com was created to accommodate this growth.

This site has now returned to its original purpose – the recording, production, and distribution of CDs. In addition to her own work, Sharon has also been asked to create music for meditation audios for many others.

We now have an expanded purpose. With video being so important to conveying our message, we invested heavily in our own video recording studio. We now make this available to others to support them in getting their message “out there” as well. We are well equipped to produce videos for the web, for training, and for DVDs.

And recently, we have added limited capability in publishing short-run books.

Each capability was added to support our own needs, but they are offered to others when time allows. We are ideal for producing videos and short runs of CDs, DVDs, and coil-bound books. Because of our flexibility, we are your perfect choice when producing quantities of 100 or less – something most companies avoid.